Why InfuseLife? Los Angeles IV Therapy

InfuseLife Ambulatory Infusion Centers & Concierge IV therapy are pleased to offer high-quality clinical infusions. 

Our infusion centers provide clinically supervised yet comfortable settings for those patients requiring short
and long-term infusion therapy administration. 

Patient care is our primary focus.

High-class specialists are ready to help you at any time.

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Migraine Relief

- Save a trip to the emergency room
- Relieves nausea associated with migraines
- Great for pain relief from fibromyalgia


- Allows for quick recovery & restoration
- Not drinking enough, let us hydrate you
- Provides essential hydration

Libido Boost

- High doses of Vitamin B and C, Glutathione
- Reinvigorate your interest in sex
- Improve your ability to perform

Hangover Cure

- The famous “banana bag”
- The perfect AFTER PARTY
- Gets you back on track quickly
- Relieves nausea, headache, dizziness

Stomach Flu/Food Poisoning

- Allows for quick recovery & restoration
- Calms upset stomach
- Relieves nausea & vomiting, fights fatigue

EXTRA Immunity

- High doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione
- Jumpstart your immune system
- Helps the immune system fight & recover from cold, flu, COVID-19, other viruses.

Myers Cocktail

- Most complete vitamin replacement
- Gold Standard of Infusion
- Great for complete health & wellness

Energy Boost

- Glow from within
- Fight fatigue & Daytime sleepiness
- Jet-lag & Improve Mood

Immune Boost

- Supports weight loss
- Jumpstart your immune system
- Illness recovery & Anti-inflammatory


- Most complete vitamin replacement
- Immune & Energy boost
- Detox & Whole-body wellness.

Beauty & Glow

- Glow from within
- Support healthy skin, hair, nails
- Rehydrate & Detox

Weight Loss

- Supports weight loss
- Jumpstart metabolism, burn fat
- Energy for pre & post-workout


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