Wellness Shots


Wellness Shot

Vitamin B12 injections boost metabolism, improve energy levels and mood, help to regulate sleep and appetite, and increase red blood cell production.

Vitamin C

Wellness Shot

Vitamin C injections are great for boosting the immune system and for detox, reducing stress, improving energy, and benefiting skin.

Vitamin D

Wellness Shot

Vitamin D injections enhance mood, regulate the immune system, alleviate muscle aches, and provide a necessary nutrient for bone health.


Wellness Shot

A powerful antioxidant, glutathione increases energy, improves clarity and focus, improves skin health, and aids with athletic recovery.

Hair & Nail Boost

Wellness Shot

Biotin injections are great for strengthening fine hair and brittle nails. A B vitamin, biotin is essential for hair growth and overall health of skin and nails.

Immunity Boost

Wellness Shot

An Immunity Boost contains vitamin C and a combo of other antioxidants and nutrients to help you improve your immune system's function and recovery quickly from illness.


Wellness Shot

LIPOSTAT contains lipotropic nutrients that promote fat loss. The combo of amino acids and vitamins break down fat and bile in the liver. The injection also enhances energy and boosts metabolism.

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