Body Sculpting Hand Massage



Woman receiving body sculpting hand massage

A body sculpting hand massage is customized to each client’s skin type and pre-existing issues. A massage may include honey massage with wooden sticks, manual liposuction, anti-cellulite massage, cavitation RF-lifting vacuum, or body wraps. Different approaches and modalities are often utilized to provide the best overall experience from head to toe.

Sweet & Effective



This massage combines the benefits of the Tibetan Honey Massage and handheld tools, like rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups.


To begin the massage, the therapist will spread organic honey on the client’s vertebral column and spread it to both muscular sides of the back.


The stickiness of the massage will lift the skin and subcutaneous tissue,

Tailored Approach

Wooden massage tools are specially designed and shaped to fight cellulite and firm and tone different areas.


The therapist will use alternating compressing-lifting motions to help absorb the salts of sweat and the outer layer of skin cells.

Feel Better

The massage will also help to improve circulation, alleviate tension, and stimulate the reflexive zones of internal organs.



Massage therapist pouring oil on her hands

A manual liposuction message is done to promote lymphatic drainage of soft tissue after surgery. The massage therapist will carefully examine the client’s body before beginning the massage.

The anti-cellulite massage targets the underlying fat in cellulite by pinching and rolling to break it down. The massage also helps increase blood circulation in the treatment areas, helping to accelerate the recovery process. The massage therapist will focus on the areas with cellulite, which tend to be sore and painful. Clients may experience some discomfort during the anti-cellulite massage as the therapist “activates” the areas with cellulite.

Once the main areas have been activated, the massage therapist will work down from the buttocks to the feet with a gentle kneading motion. Then, the masseuse will gently pull and stretch the treatment areas to loosen up the fatty tissue and break up the fat deposits.

patient receiving exfoliation scrub



The body sculpting hand massage may involve the use of a cavitation RF-lifting vacuum. Cavitation is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes ultrasound technology to reduce fat in specific parts of the body. It is an effective alternative to bariatric surgery, like liposuction.

A body wrap is a treatment that begins with an exfoliating scrub applied to the body to remove dead skin cells. Then, the spa therapist will apply oils and other serums before wrapping the client in a blanket or bandage. The benefits of the body wrap are tied to the types of scrubs, oils, and creams used during treatment.